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Creative Block: Tips for Finding Inspiration as a Designer


Every creative professional knows the feeling: staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper, waiting for inspiration to strike, but it just doesn't happen. This dreaded "creative block" can be a significant obstacle, but fear not! There are numerous strategies to overcome it. Here, we’ll explore practical tips to find inspiration, even in the most unexpected places.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the most effective ways to combat creative block is to step outside your usual surroundings and routines. Change your environment—whether it’s working from a coffee shop, a library, or even outdoors. Different settings can spark ideas and creativity through new sights, sounds, and experiences.

Take Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Your immediate environment, whether it's urban landscapes, nature, or even the interiors of spaces you frequent, is filled with design elements that you may not consciously notice. By paying closer attention, you can discover new patterns, color schemes, and layouts. These elements can offer fresh perspectives and ideas that you can incorporate into your own designs.

Keep a Sketchbook or Journal

Ideas can come at the most unexpected times. Keep a sketchbook or journal handy to jot down thoughts, sketches, or anything that inspires you throughout the day. Reviewing these notes can provide a spark when you’re feeling stuck.

Take a Break

It's no surprise that our brain gets worn out. Constantly thinking about a creative problem or project can lead to mental fatigue, making it harder to come up with fresh ideas. Taking a break gives your brain a chance to rest, similar to how resting your body after physical exertion helps recover muscle strength. This mental rest can lead to increased productivity and creativity when you return to your work.

Sketching and Designing Objects In Your Household

Take inspiration from your household items or the objects you're surrounded with. We often times try so hard to find inspiration, but little do we know it could be right in-front of us. Imagine you have a cute coffee mug in your house, sketch it throw it into illustrator and start designing it. If you add a couple elements, sprinkle a font, and change the colors around, you'll have something beautiful.

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