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I think you'll enjoy my journey as much as I did.

how it all started and hopefully how it stays

Hi, I'm Derya pronounced (dare-ya)


While today I'm known as a brand and web designer, my path in the creative world has been a winding one.

For the first seven years of my career, I immersed myself in the art of photography. Capturing moments and emotions through my lens was my passion, and it allowed me to express my creativity in a unique way. During this time, I built my own photography business from the ground up, and it was during this journey that the seed of design was planted.

As a business owner, I found myself in the position of crafting my brand's identity, and that's where my fascination with design truly began to blossom. I took it upon myself to create my business logo, and through that process, I discovered a newfound passion for graphic design. The power of visual storytelling and the ability to convey a message through design elements resonated with me on a profound level.

This revelation led me to pivot my career towards becoming a brand and web designer. I realized that my creativity and skills were better suited to helping others shape their brand identities and online presence. My desire to assist business owners in achieving their goals and growing their enterprises became the driving force behind my work.

About me

The community 

Community has always held a special place in my heart, and I firmly believe in the importance of giving back. Throughout my journey, I've strived to spread the message of growth and empowerment within my community. Whether it's through mentoring aspiring designers or collaborating with local businesses, I'm committed to making a positive impact.

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